How To Make a Secret Door

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How To Make a Secret Door

There are quite a few ways to make a secret door within your Minecraft world, but the main items they all have in common are Redstone components and Sticky Pistons. If you arenโ€™t sure where to obtain these elements, you can find Slime for the Sticky Piston in caves and swamp biomes, as well as mining underground to acquire Redstone.

Since there are various methods of doing this technique, weโ€™ll stick with a straightforward option that is both cool and easy enough for beginners. In addition, this particular strategy involves a clock and a hidden door bookshelf, where players can remove a Lever from the Item Frame of the clock to reveal the secret room.

So, if you want to build this terrific project in your world, hereโ€™s a step-by-step guide on how to accomplish this:

  1. Build your clock.The materials youโ€™ll need for this build include Trapdoors, a Bell, an Item Frame, a Lever, and Wooden Planks/Slabs/Stairs.
    A clock in Minecraft
  2. Go directly behind the clockโ€™s face and place Redstone items.To make this work, youโ€™ll need to dig behind it and place a Redstone Comparator and Redstone Repeater in the position shown below. Then, be sure to turn on the Comparator by pressing the designated button and position the Lever of the Repeater until it glows.Redstone items
  3. Use Redstone Dust to start a trail to the secret door.After you set up those two components, place some Redstone Dust by the Repeater (this requires some digging around.) Once you finish that part of the project, build a stair-like contraption to connect to the ground, eventually linking to the secret door.Redstone build
  4. Start making the secret entryway by using Sticky Pistons.Before you make your way to the door, youโ€™ll need to set it up to ensure that you are going in the right direction. Place two Sticky Pistons one block away from the bookshelves you want to use as your entryway.Sticky Pistons
  5. Add the Bookshelves.Youโ€™ll need to attach the Bookshelves to the Sticky Pistons to make the mechanism latch onto it, resulting in a forward and backward motion.Adding the Bookshelf
  6. Connect Redstone Dust to the Sticky Pistons.Similar to what you did before with the Repeater, you must attach Redstone Dust to the Sticky Pistons. Additionally, youโ€™ll need to put more on top of a block to power up the one thatโ€™s not on the ground.Redstone build
  7. Link the secret entryway Redstone Dust to the clockโ€™s Repeater.Now itโ€™s finally time to combine these two builds by digging a pathway if you havenโ€™t done so already. Youโ€™ll also need to add another Repeater to the connection since longer distances require more power.Redstone build
  8. Tidy up the build.Because the process involves a lot of digging, youโ€™ll have to cover up all the spaces with some blocks, like wood or Bookshelves.Covering up the mess
  9. Test out the new secret door.If the Redstone and Sticky Pistons are correctly linked and adjusted, the hidden entryway is ready to use. Remove the Lever from the Item Frame, and the Sticky Pistons should move the Bookshelves to make the door. You can construct a small treasure room or even further the build by making a sizeable secret area.Secret Entryway

We hope this guide helps you craft a secret door within your fantastic Minecraft world. If you want to build other projects in the game, you can get some ideas by checking our guide on creative bases and exploring any of the relevant links below.

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