How to install Minecraft Mods

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How to install Minecraft mods

Installing Minecraft mods on Windows

There are a few different ways to get mods running with Minecraft, but the easiest and most popular method requires an application called Forge. Hereโ€™s how it works:

Step 1: Go to the official Forge website and download the recommended version of the software. You can also install the latest version of Forge, but it could have some unresolved bugs that will affect your ability to properly run some mods.

Step 2: Download the mods you want to install from a reliable source. CurseForge is a popular location with hundreds of great mods to choose from. However, not all mods are compatible with all versions of Minecraft, or even with Forge. Make sure to research the specific mod youโ€™re interested in to find out if itโ€™s compatible with your software.

Step 3: Create the โ€œmodsโ€ folder in the .minecraft directory. Hereโ€™s the target address:


If the AppData folder isnโ€™t visible in File Explorer, click View at the appโ€™s top and then check Hidden Items.

If this is your first mod, there is no โ€œmodsโ€ folder within the .minecraft folder. With the .minecraft folder open, right-click within File Explorer and select New followed by Folder on the pop-up menu. Name that folder โ€œmods.โ€

Step 4: Move the downloaded mod into the Mods folder.

how to install minecraft mods forge installed

Step 5: Run Minecraft, but first make sure your Forge account is active. If not, your mods wonโ€™t load properly.

Thatโ€™s it! As we mentioned, there are several other mod launchers on the internet besides Forge โ€” such as LiteLoader โ€” so you can always shop around if you donโ€™t like everything it has to offer. That being said, itโ€™s the most popular for a reason, and most new mods are usually compatible with the software.

Installing Minecraft mods on Mac

Mac users can follow steps 1 and 2 from the instructions above, though you should follow these instructions for step 3:

Create the โ€œmodsโ€ folder in the minecraft directory. Hereโ€™s the target address:

~/Library/Application Support/minecraft

You can quickly access this folder using the Command + Shift + G keyboard shortcut. Alternatively, open Finder, click Go on the menu bar and access the Library folder by pressing the Option key. Open Application Support followed by minecraft after that.

Once there, right-click within that folder, select New Folder on the pop-up menu, and name it โ€œmods.โ€

Mac users can now go back to following steps 4 and 5 from the above set of instructions.

Installing Minecraft mods on consoles and Windows 10 (app)

Unfortunately, mods donโ€™t technically exist for Minecraft on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Instead, players have access to add-ons. Unlike mods, these add-ons arenโ€™t free and are heavily restricted compared to PC mods. However, theyโ€™re still better than nothing, and theyโ€™re incredibly easy to install.

Step 1: Launch Minecraft on your console and select Marketplace on the main menu.

how to install minecraft mods marketplace

Step 2: Select a Skin Pack, World, Texture Pack, or Mash-up Pack.

Step 3: Use Minecoins or a credit card to purchase the add-on.

Installing Minecraft mods on Android

Unfortunately, itโ€™s not possible to use true mods with a handheld version of Minecraft, similar to the limitations you find on consoles. Luckily, you can use a third-party app, such as Add-ons for Minecraft, BlockLauncher, and Mods for Minecraft to let you customize the game how you want. This is how it works:

Step 1: Navigate to the Download and install BlockLauncher, a popular, useful app thatโ€™s widely used to load mods.

Step 2: Follow the appโ€™s directions, as BlockLauncher will give you different instructions based on the type of device youโ€™re on.

Step 3: Return to the Google Play Store and download Mods for Minecraft PE. This app will allow you to download and install your mods quickly and efficiently.

how to install minecraft mods addons for mcpe

Step 4: Head to the search function and use it to search for the mod you want to download.

Step 5: Once you find the perfect mod for you, click Install. This will automatically install the mod into the game you selected.

how to install minecraft mods addons for android

Installing Minecraft mods on iOS

Step 1: The first thing you should do is install a few add-ons for Minecraft. These are readily available for download in the App Store.

Step 2: To find and install your add-ons, follow the on-screen steps.

These days, modding Minecraft games is relatively simple. We believe the excellent content you receive is entirely worth the time and effort you put in to download the mods. We can assure you that youโ€™ll fall head over heels for at least one of the mods you come across.

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